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A Song About Cigarettes But It's About My Dead Mom Too

from Teddy Brown Brown by Teddy Faley

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I love cigarettes, I love cigarette breaks
I like smoking after eating, after drinking, every cigarette's great
About cigarettes, I got nothing but good shit to say
“Ain't they kill your mom, my dude?” Okay, okay, super touché
That's a very good point
She liked em so much her last words were, “Lord, take care of my boys.”
And she ain't mean her boys
She loved cigarettes so much, once, the hospital called
They said your mother's smoking in the cancer ward with oxygen on
I said, “My mom's the motherfucking bomb, your mother's a whore,
I ain't calling you with breaking news when all them dicks is at her door.
She did today the same as she did before, she'd do it again
Do you not comprehend how fucking awesome cigarettes is?”
You wouldn't know, a cigarette ain't just tobacco my man
Without a smoke, I wouldn't know what else to do with my hands
It's an awkward conversation exit all the time plan
An ice breaker, life changer, in that it shortens it’s span
I love smoking, doing cigarette things
Going outside every hour in the freezing cold and thickest of rains
Tobacco fingers, cigarette stained
All my friends that stopped smoking, bunch of losers, we don't kick it the same Friends and fam’ll ask if I'd considered kicking the stuff
But that's out the window like my cigarette butts
Or getting a birthday card from my mother from ages 20 and up
Big things happen for small reasons and learning that one sucks
And so I step into my everyday with cigarettes and scary face
I never wave cause it was never to me anyways
But anyways, my everyday is cigarettes yo, where is they?
I put them right there yesterday, I'm looking there now, that ain't they
And those that never knew, they don't know
There's a silver lining lining every fresh pack of smokes
Even if I is the last, my cigarettes turn into ash
Excuse myself at dinners, if there's drinks than y’all can triple that
Mr. Be Right Back will be right back, it ain't no mystery
Awesome conversations had with strangers y’all won't get to meet Philosophers and poets that only talk that real
Like, “Yo, you got a light?”...”Yeah I got a light, hold up... here.”
So if you looking for the source of where I'm at, you can know for sure
I’m on the porch, smoking Ports, like I'm boats at at war
I used to take a break and ask a cat to pass me down his short, and maybe see me over if he sure, but if he ain't then I ain't trippin
Now I cant sleep if the box got only just 3 in it
What if there's an asteroid or some big shit that hits us?
What if the economy suffers?
What if all the lighters talk the matches into drowning each other? That's too many variables, I'm buying a pack
Cuz with various pulls, then I can relax
Catch me out the cold front, stoge or a fog
Boge or a jac, seen every short a bus down had
That’s why I’m out here spending money
Catch me hands funky, looking older than my years and then something Then something
Listen to the air in my lungs, see the nightmare in my lungs
Then try to crawl back to the place that it's from
I started cracking Phillies down the middle
Lecturing my homies like, “Them cigarettes will kill you”
And if irony is dead then I been living in its coffin
Hypocrisy alive and coughing, I’m never getting off em
I’ma smoke until I can't no more
As long as I can use my hands they’ll be opening a pack of Ports Regardless of the taxes for
Caught up in the mix between my mother's death and this
I'm not a shrink but I meet issues where they is
I got abandonment issues that I deal with by me abandoning issues And if I'm handling flames ain't nobody’s handing me tissues
I tried to keep it under 4, it's like, embarrassing
Came in here for Newport shorts, but I would leave with anything


from Teddy Brown Brown, released January 28, 2022
Produced by ALXNDRBRWN
Additional keys by Athena Hiotis
Post production by Teddy Faley
Written and recorded by Teddy Faley
Mixed and engineered by ALXNDRBRWN and Teddy Faley


all rights reserved




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