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Word Art Gallery


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Easter Eggs 01:32
I quit rapping like I quit smoking cigarettes Passionately ignorant Cuz actually, who gives a shit? I’m inspired by Puff Daddy ad libs Pizza crust on my mattress And complimentary matches Old honkeys eroding America Old songs that I wrote about heroin Am I defined by the way that my parents is? Pull my phone out of my pocket Unlock it and stare at it Absent minded Post-ironic Chili’s dining Appetizers We got all the appetizers I got rhymes like bottomless tortilla chips Pet a cat my allergies got me seeing red Partial to the chia pets Painting pictures white vinegar and easter eggs Salt N Pepper that’s a rap group and a seasoning And all that shit that doesn’t mean anything I got in trouble in high school for looking up pictures of belly rings Uh huh, yeah
Word Art 02:13 video
The new daddy in the booth like Boo Radley Only wash my pants when my pants are too baggy Fresh out the dryer Thighs larger than Mark McGwire’s Got a stiff upper lip and ziplines of my saliva That’s enzymes to digest Eye of the tigress On the internet no man is an island I’m on the internet like hot singles in your area I’m on the internet living life vicarious Throttled down data Wireless carriers What a time to be alive in America It’s like a wack hallucination I’m losing patience Windows 98 (arf arf) Movie Maker Lights, camera, action In innovative fashion Tell me, do you really wanna unleash the dragon? The art of fourth and inches In artificial systems I wrote a whole verse without disrespecting women Chorus: Welcome to the Word Art Gallery Various styles in the Word Art Gallery This is the Word Art Gallery Various styles in the Word Art Part Pauly Shore Part Al Borland Find me at the bball court Or the Caldor bargain bin Partially parched Puffin a part of a parliament On the weekend seekin a parkin spot to party in Green hat yellow cardigan Chuck D and Lars Ulrich in an argument Nostalgia makes me sick but I’m watchin bids On Nintendo 64 cartridges Gotta stay positive Camp Anawanna, Donkey Lips Walkin down the street with a pocket full of lozenges Flip the script like Mr. Rogers switches kicks Trust me, I’m a Dr. Octagonecologyst Y’all can chomp on this Shopping for a pot to piss Posse in effect Bat out of H E double hockey sticks Oochie wally wally watch me pop an ollie switch Illuminati got my mind soul and body sick Chorus x2
I wanna be featured on a VH1 clipshow And countdown the top 90s sitcom intros Hashtag official Sag past the stink hole Wanna disco, wanna see me disco Printer ink low Pink mink coat I been dope the way I craft a single Keep it simple Change my name into a symbol I’ve got wack rhymes like my sack’s lined with wrinkles Chorus: One time I heard someone say Ja Rule’s the Drake DMX I used to watch Ms. Doubtfire on VHS That didn’t really rhyme, but I guess I made it fit Wicky Wild, Wicky Wild Wild West You can find me freestyling at the lama zoo Eatin almonds and hot gabagool Copped binoculars, so I could spot the cockatoos (OOH!) I’m in a hot pink bodysuit Jordan’s and Jockey crew Mighty Morphin endorphin ranger My zord is a Porsche or an orphan angel Par for the course sportin orange Kangol We’re the perfect strangers What if Cory divorced Topanga? That was corny but more my nature Rap game Antiques Roadshow appraiser Change my rap name to Sarah Palin Now we parasailin with Walker Texas Ranger
Nostalgia 03:07
Illest rapper this side of my combover International zone coaster Hold the door open Wavy like the ocean Hit Me Baby One More Time era Britney Spears poster Tangerine sodas La-Z-Boy sofa 98 Sammy Sosa, tiny circles Neighbor’s Cadillac, shiny purple 10pm curfew Empty cans I should return soon No shirt, No shoes, No service I’m a grown person, searchin earth’s surface Street urchin, curse on clean version Speak in third person Already know what it is Second wind Frontier medicine Knock knock, let us in Song lyrics in your away messages Brain Stringcheese In the middle of little Italy eatin’ linguine Hit em with the intricate dap maneuvers Rappin super Livin in the past, that’s the future Nostalgia You made it a hot song, I made it a hot album Nostalgia We’re livin in the past cuz the present and future hurts Like assembling Ikea furniture Nostalgia
Verse 1 OLD SELF: Scrollin through my que Type of mood too choosy Who decided to do a part 2 of this movie? Seen the first one on cable Cut the scene with the boobies Why’d they have to go and ruin my childhood Lt Headtrip: (Amuse me) Folklore, tall tales, oral tradition Old story, new generation, casual revision Why shouldn’t this convention apply to motion pictures? We could capture the original studio’s exploitative vision OLD SELF: Son, you droppin’ wisdom No need to risk the cash on the new Just rehash and reuse the old tried and the true Lt Headtrip: (True, True, True, True) OLD SELF: We’ve got nothing to lose Chewing gum from your show Lt Headtrip: Reduce, Recycle, and Consume OLD SELF: The franchise is on its last leg, But it focused group so well We already rebranded, And it didn’t boost sales Lt Headtrip: I mean, we’re only human What can we do to help? OLD SELF: Have you tried shutting it down and letting it reboot itself? Chorus 1: Yo this a full blown remake, yo Shot for shot, yeah put it on replay (Don’t call it a comeback!) Seriously, this a full blown remake Verse 2 Lt Headtrip: The second episode’s a flashback episode With every memory the cashback potential grows We recast White Chicks, but there’s backlash in the gender roles It hasn’t aged well, even the laugh track’s getting old OLD SELF: I could go for another Air Bud, I hold Beethoven sacred I’m a Tobey Maguire fan, I don’t mean to play favorites But most Spider Man ain’t too amazing Three hours of the same thing, I don’t have the patience Lt Headtrip: I fell asleep watching Ninja Turtles 2 OLD SELF: The new Ninja Turtles 2? Lt Headtrip: Nah, the one with the ooze, you know OLD SELF: The one with Vanilla Ice bustin a move Lt Headtrip: Dude, we’re stuck in a loop OLD SELF: I’m waitin on the new version of Clue Lt Headtrip: Me too They cast Johnny Depp as live action Pocahontas An alt-right Mel Gibson might reprise his role as John Smith OLD SELF: Trip that’s obnoxious Lt Headtrip: Yeah, they’re in it for the profits OLD SELF: Hot damn, that plot’s thick Lt Headtrip: Screw it, where’s the off switch? Chorus 2: Don’t call it a comeback It’s a full blown remake Shot for shot, yeah put it on replay Don’t call it a comeback Yo it’s a full blown remake New cast new director, old screenplay
The GameCube controller, Is the best controller, Big hands, little hands can both hold that controller Used to think at 28 that I would be a grown up Now my twenties gettin late and I don’t know what’s a grown up? Like damn, what’s the hold up? Been movin much slower, I’m pushin’ thirty and I’m lower on the poster I’m feelin older, but I’m not feelin older Still I’m more jaded, still I’m more colder All denim everything, I’m a fraud I’m a god On stage, I’m the centerpiece Login to facebook to delete the memories Who’s that? Struggle rap, human centipede Money ain’t a thing, but it’s all about the benjamins Sliding in direct messages, Droppin indirect messages, Text messages, read with no message sent Chorus 1 (Lt Headtrip): Uhh What’s my age again? Kinda spaced out, got me feelin like an alien What’s my age again? Kinda outta touch with my own generation And, uh, wait, what’s my age again? Kinda spaced out, feelin like an alien What’s my age again? I don’t get their references, and I don’t like the games they play Verse 2: A sarcastic ‘yo it’s just a prank bro’ Two dollars for the guac You I’m dressed down in plain clothes I’m very handsome in my Helly Hansen raincoat Let the madness begin, if you grin let the brains blow Now I did somethin stupid (What’s that?) On the down low, I downloaded every episode of Home Improvement Phones are so intrusive, but I wrote this on my phone Just so you know, and there’s no confusion (OLD SELF) Still younger than Young Jeezy Lil’ Waluigi you can see me on enhanced CD Hairline been beyond receding, Everybody workin for the weekend When we could grab a little slice of pizza Or we could get a pizza Or I could just eat a whole pizza Cola by the liter I stay alive to find meaning But I only feel alive when I’m eating Chorus 2: What’s my age again? What’s my age again? I’m not goin out tonight, I think I’m just stayin in What’s my age again? What’s my age again? I’m pretty tired, don’t think I’m gonna make it friend
Chorus: Relationship fat, relationship fat I let myself get relationship fat Relationship fat, relationship fat She stole my skateboard and I want it back Verse: We spent four years together And of course, that means more than just some material possessions Who’s actin passive aggressive? I guess that depends on who’s askin the question I’m an ass I’ll admit it I’m not stuck in the past, but I won’t forget it I got fat and stopped progressin The love was lost, hit pause on the friendship She stole my skateboard, and she stole my nintendo I got a gym membership, and a new apartment An ovlov record and a MacBook charger And I tell myself that I’m not my father I see you as a reflection of flaws And It’s hard to say I love you to the ones that you’ve wronged I’ve moved on, but the wounds are still raw, And I know that you didn’t want me writing this song To that effect I express how I feel Now that she’s not around to tell me chips aren’t a meal I didn’t take her for someone to steal But if something’s tangible then that means that it’s real
Chorus (Lt Headtrip): Do unto others We’ll stick to the rules, you run the numbers Do unto others We stay golden but we lude and we stubborn Do unto others We’ll stick it to the rulers, you run for cover (Uh) Do unto others We stay gold but we some rude mufu Verse 1 (BIG BREAKFAST) I’m on it, breakfast god darn it Punch the grill out your mouth Steal it, melt it down and pawn it Trip rockin turquoise like the Hornets In flip flops, with his shirt off On some gnarly (ish) (Uh) My nature is sorta naughtyish I saw your shorty dip Absorbing it from the audience Pack of parliaments rolled up in the white tee Look up the hardest, and you might see Mikey And I don’t even smoke with cigarettes Boom bap spliffs, hoodrat (shh) with my friends In Pittsburgh, yellin’ ‘yins’ and ‘go Pens’ In the trunks that I’m swimmin with like Goten Dingaling swingin like the US Open A million in my living room but you get no ends You prolly never heard Cold Vein BREAKFAST the not as dead Kurt Cobain Chorus (Lt Headtrip) Verse 2 (OLD SELF): Ya’ll Mitch McConnell with the turtle face Trickle down, let it drop, let it percolate Got your man crush feelin type of certain ways I’m so Adam Levine, I think I heard em say Nothing’s ever promised tomorrow today Now we’re just messin with your head like John McCain Open disses in writtens that’s common place You should mind the gap, that’s Common’s place (Look) I’m so post pizza delivery Part pink ranger, Part I love the 70s Part Jimmy Page Part Puff Daddy, Come With Me Another butterfree, Pokemon Puzzle League (Yo) The headliner that opens shows, Almost comatose, though I’m so composed You should put my name higher on the poster though Ya’ll can kick rocks with an open toe, so it goes Chorus (Lt Headtrip)
OLD SELF: I feel like a grown baby I float like a seal I see life, it’s so wavy Yet I still find it hard to swim free of this safety net I can stand on my own two, but I’m still taking baby steps Living at my mom’s has made dating awkward too But I ask myself, what would Woodstock ‘99 Kid Rock do? Still rock the white high top shoe Could you guys keep it down a scooch? My first time around wasn’t quite as good So I’m on my second childhood Gruff Lion: Yo, I fell for SELF’s mother at after hours We’d half soured a pickle She picked us up it was lit Blacked out, he fell asleep in the back drowsing I pulled into the front and proceeded to cat powers Told her I’m eskimo brothers with Jack Bauer (I am) She didn’t seem particularly impressed by the feat She said “you just Web, and your my son’s rapper friend, But I’d be happy to have you crash on the couch though” BALD AFRO: Ouch yo, Googie I pissed the chaise lounge No! Pull it together Trip Take a time-out, ‘fore we Jazzed up out this house on some outlaw 12 steps, count, draw All I ever wanted was a guidance counselor to find “What else?” Probably an accountant to balance the astounding amount of frugal allowances in my household. Sound off! 1, 2 late night, basement kung fu Tune in next week gumshoes to hear the next riveting chapter Gruff, SELF, and BALD AFRO Chorus: Yo we them old kids, them don’t do what they told kids Dumb young soles, with them full grown dicks Ya gonna wanna wash the sheets after what we did Cuz it’s probably gonna reek of old kids Yo we them old kids, them don’t do what they told kids Dumb young soles, with them full grown dicks You shouldn’t wanna go to sleep Cuz if you did, ya prolly gonna dream of old kids
Verse 1 (OLD SELF): I forgot your name before you even said it I was planning my response I wasn’t paying attention Unfinished thoughts An incomplete sentence I had an anecdote, but I don’t remember Lost in my head I’m stuck between stations Imagined scenarios Miscommunications It’s like two conversations, simultaneous Shame based memories I forgot what I was gonna say But it’s not worth mentioning Feelin some type of other way I think I think too much I’m overthinking all my actions I think I think too I think I seem distracted To insecurity and beyond Sweaty palms I’m an awkward person I take after my moms I’m in the physical but I’m out Rather be home on the couch It’s nice to meet you My name is OLD SELF, doubt Verse 2 (Duncecap): Nice to meet ya My names a grave mistake Cradle to the ashes at sea Rhyme takes 80 takes Fell asleep My head cookin the minute rice I know I’m not as good receiving As I am at giving advice Nocturnal, scared of light Tell me what the day is like Two broken legs Buckle up, take a hike Too quiet Tell tale, I’m awfully pissed Prepared to fight, cowardice Escalate to balled up fist I wrote this backwards with an optimistic angst I only got gratitude when I’m given thanks Piggyback the piggy bank Schemes up the pyramid Scuba dive for fountain pennies when my career is shit I want a hologram of myself to preview So I can desensitize my fears of change that’ll eat you We creepers need to breed too Imagining hauntings Falling the solace and longing (Ah f*ck, the wrong things)


OLD SELF, aging millennial rap man, finds himself at corner of nostalgia sickness and questionable materialism in his debut album ‘Word Art Gallery.’ Headtrip, of NYC rap outfit the Karma Kids, provides beats building a relic filled funhouse to explore as you experience OLD SELF’s various styles. ‘Word Art Gallery’ is an endearing excursion in late stage capitalism rap. The copious quotables, and near-rhyming pop culture references will have you reaching for the repeat 1 setting.

Twitter: old_selfie
instagram: old_self


released April 10, 2018

Lyrics written & performed by OLD SELF
Additional lyrics written & performed Lt Headtrip, BIG BREAKFAST, Gruff Lion, Googie, & Duncecap.

Produced, recorded & mixed by Headtrip at Karma Kids Studios, Karmastoria, NY
Scratches by Samurai Banana
Alto sax on tracks 4, 5 & 13 by Chris Coles
Keys on tracks 5 & 13 by Philip Anderson
Bass on track 5 by Matthew DeRubertis
Mastered by Jeff Brown at Pyramid Octagon Thoth Temple
Album art by Samantha McGiver
Artwork photography by Mel Morales

Thank you to Poppy, Sara, Craig & Becky Vassar, SKECH185, & Hairy Diamond for lending your voices to the album.

©2018 we are the karma kids


all rights reserved




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