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Teddy Brown Brown

by Teddy Faley

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Sko. In my opinion Faley is one of the best songwriters and writers in general that I've discovered in a really long time. The way he explores pain and loss, subverts, self-depricates...his music is clever without being cute, takes itself seriously, and oozes sincerity. I'm not sure what more you could want from art.
unclebengi thumbnail
unclebengi A singular work that’s as brave as any album I’ve ever heard with a top shelf skill level to match. Crushingly beautiful. Favorite track: Vic.
ognickmarsh thumbnail
ognickmarsh great lyrics + great beats = great album Favorite track: Deer Friends.
CainaKhanii thumbnail
CainaKhanii The line "shit be gettin lit and darken everything" rounds a good bit of it out so well. There's a lot to this album and i adore it. Word to everyone involved. Favorite track: Meddlin' Kids.
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VHS 04:27
Lucid as a daydream, loosies in the pastries Y'all fuckers coulda fooled me dude, we looking for the same thing Be it pose, posture, photo, portrait or painting Every frozen moment look like footage from the 80s Footage from the 80s Footage from the 80s How it look so comfortable when memories is Hades Be it pose, posture, photo, portrait or painting Every frozen moment look like footage from the 80s I keep calm as I can, for all our benefits But in practice I’m a set aside them sentiments Half of them motherfuckers ain't been taxed but still got into shit I watch em fall asleep, I watch em sacrifice they innocent How much of that I been complicit in? The fickle and the sick they both a cynical bunch The middle a front My back a bitch I couldn't sit for a month Pausing that I guess, all this bag of stress, got me acting fresh Keeping calm a sucker’s game, I’m in the paint but out of breath And couldn’t read them number straight, 888-I’m-unafraid I called until the my fingers ached, until the ringer sounded strange Crawled into a hole and everybody said ‘don't ever change’ I took from that a fear of open skies and sunny days There’s a cost, and it's huge I tried to hide the truth but I got lost and confused I was Aquaman in shoes Tried to talk me back to earth, they wound up shouting at the moon I never mean to disappoint, although I do That's my broken point of view Everything I touch will turn confused Rose a cup, broke a dutch at the what I meant to do saloon I been accused of many things, but never heard the word confused I never mean to disappoint, although I do Lucid as a daydream, loosies in the pastries Lucid as a daydream, loosies in the pastries Lucid as a daydream, loosies in the pastries Y'all fuckers coulda fooled me dude, we looking for the same thing Footage from the 80s Footage from the 80s How it look so comfortable when memories is Hades Be it pose, posture, photo, portrait or painting Every frozen moment look like footage from the 80s That’s what happens to main characters when they lose they main characters And something broke that they ain't know was there at first, like 1st Mariner I’ll drink to that, you'll eat your words, it's jerks vs amateurs Oedipus to Aaron Burr, Frank can be my manager I never woulda thought I woulda never even thought I walk around like everybody’s here to watch me get involved So what am I to do? Funny stuff, jokes is not inopportune But I'm afraid this clock will never tock for you I been thinking bout my handprints, I been thinking bout my legacy I been standing still for hours without making no new memories I never look at photos, ain’t no mirror been no friend to me Silence is too deafening to write, without amphetamine Aye yo the bitches, like G-Money said to us man I wash my, wrist of stigmata in the ocean of sand I found a note in the freezer, I’ma leave it unread I figure anything important he would say from my fridge
Vic 03:35
You don’t even know how the limpin’ legs work, I do the leg work Took some off the top for my efforts, ain’t nobody asked for Ain't nobody move, ain't nobody gets hurt What they don't tell you is the end ain't worth them efforts Cats be all “Teddy, how the fuck have you been?” I’m like “Great, my friend's dead and I'm wearing his Tims, another question?” I ain't gonna be a vic another second So I clock me every exit, every room I ever step in I ain't stop making music, I just stopped giving you it Spooked by my own hubris, I de-introduced it The thing that they don't tell you ‘bout success is When built on top your vices, vices follow where them checks is It's a lit symbol, I’m a cucumber in a big pickle I throw shade until it's dark enough to think simple One thing they don't tell you ‘bout, you blink into And it breaks in two the everything that's in you So I talk about it Things that ain't nobody gonna tell you I'ma Talk about it They full of shit and and so am I and so is you and all around us Best we can do is talk about it Fuck, I'ma talk about it Talk about it Things that ain't nobody gonna tell you I'ma Talk about it They full of shit and and so am I and so is you and all around us Best we can do is talk about it, I guess I don’t know Eyelids turnin’ see-through, capillaries blown to Mogadishu I leave a note, "Imploding my own ego" I never met a bump I didn't wanna find a key to Or found a fifth I didn't make a feed tube Life is great, nobody told me differently, in large part due to being busy with the not so great and hard parts A younger me was wishful thinking on a star chart And wound up worse for ‘where the hell I car park?’ Kick if yes, twice if no, those scary echoes Welcome to the next episode, it's very special Everything is all in fun Carlton done got a gun, but put it down Now all is well, cheers, another awesome run Mr He Who Not the World Revolve Around Mr Find My Palm Some Walk Around in my coffer now, best just cough it out Shed me off a couple pounds Face be looking like I'm pushing something like a hundred now I run the tab, and walk it out I look around, scoff out loud, exhale a breath and dip And signed, "Some days it's like I don't even exist", plus tip I'm either talking to myself or I been trying pen these bars The older that I get the finer them distinctions are I roll up in the spot, I ask, “Who here is tending bar?” And then we share a life together till we aren't I roll up in the spot, I ask, “Who here is tending bar?” and then we share a life together till we aren't So I talk about it Things that ain't nobody gonna tell you I'ma Talk about it They're full of shit and and so am I and so is you and all around us Best we can do is talk about it Fuck, I'ma talk about it Talk about it Things that ain't nobody gonna tell you I'ma Talk about it They're full of shit and and so am I and so is you and all around us Best we can do is talk about it, I guess I don’t know
Let that simmer, let that sink I urinated in your sink I met your neighbors in the street I told them that you pee in sinks Don't get that twist though You wish you never brought her to this show, hey where’d your chick go I don't think she even came with you She probably got sick of showing up with someone as lame as you And then ending every day with you She wants a getaway with you? Nah dog, she wants to get away from you And put some spaces in between the place of you She been hanging out with friends more, showing up late Crawling into bed she smell like cigarettes and open mistakes That’s cuz I told her you’s the hoe of the day Told her wait, before you go, let's crack a couple jokes on his face She asked from me a glass of wine, she got a glass of bug juice I told her I don't love her but I love that she don't love you Then she said it back Hm... I told her that don't make no sense with that syntax Asked her to work that out, bring it back Come with something better next Our love is so unspecial yet She sacrificing y'all's for reasons I couldn't even pretend to get Let that simmer, let that sink I urinated in your sink I met your neighbors in the street I told them that you pee in sinks Ain’t you listening? When you go off to work I’m in your business I’m picking up the landline I’m leaving dirty dishes I'll most likely be attending all the holiday dinners I called your mother and we talked it through, she thinks I'm a winner All in all, that’s not my call Got an issue, call your mom But I think I speak for all involved, when I ask for you to keep things calm The last thing you wanna do is ruin your kid's Christmas So maybe don't bring up the whole, “I'm fucking your bitch” shit So maybe don't bring up the whole, “I'm friends with your parents” For some strange reason that has yet to become apparent But yo we had a family meeting and you weren't at the family meeting Now your kids think you don't love them and your wife thinks that you’re cheating Plus... you know... the whole ‘your wife fucking me’ thing It's a mess homie, you did your best homie But you need jet homie Whatever's next homie We wish you best homie That’s from me, the wife, your kids, and the ‘rents homie
I love cigarettes, I love cigarette breaks I like smoking after eating, after drinking, every cigarette's great About cigarettes, I got nothing but good shit to say “Ain't they kill your mom, my dude?” Okay, okay, super touché That's a very good point She liked em so much her last words were, “Lord, take care of my boys.” And she ain't mean her boys She loved cigarettes so much, once, the hospital called They said your mother's smoking in the cancer ward with oxygen on I said, “My mom's the motherfucking bomb, your mother's a whore, I ain't calling you with breaking news when all them dicks is at her door. She did today the same as she did before, she'd do it again Do you not comprehend how fucking awesome cigarettes is?” You wouldn't know, a cigarette ain't just tobacco my man Without a smoke, I wouldn't know what else to do with my hands It's an awkward conversation exit all the time plan An ice breaker, life changer, in that it shortens it’s span I love smoking, doing cigarette things Going outside every hour in the freezing cold and thickest of rains Tobacco fingers, cigarette stained All my friends that stopped smoking, bunch of losers, we don't kick it the same Friends and fam’ll ask if I'd considered kicking the stuff But that's out the window like my cigarette butts Or getting a birthday card from my mother from ages 20 and up Big things happen for small reasons and learning that one sucks And so I step into my everyday with cigarettes and scary face I never wave cause it was never to me anyways But anyways, my everyday is cigarettes yo, where is they? I put them right there yesterday, I'm looking there now, that ain't they And those that never knew, they don't know There's a silver lining lining every fresh pack of smokes Even if I is the last, my cigarettes turn into ash Excuse myself at dinners, if there's drinks than y’all can triple that Mr. Be Right Back will be right back, it ain't no mystery Awesome conversations had with strangers y’all won't get to meet Philosophers and poets that only talk that real Like, “Yo, you got a light?”...”Yeah I got a light, hold up... here.” So if you looking for the source of where I'm at, you can know for sure I’m on the porch, smoking Ports, like I'm boats at at war I used to take a break and ask a cat to pass me down his short, and maybe see me over if he sure, but if he ain't then I ain't trippin Now I cant sleep if the box got only just 3 in it What if there's an asteroid or some big shit that hits us? What if the economy suffers? What if all the lighters talk the matches into drowning each other? That's too many variables, I'm buying a pack Cuz with various pulls, then I can relax Catch me out the cold front, stoge or a fog Boge or a jac, seen every short a bus down had That’s why I’m out here spending money Catch me hands funky, looking older than my years and then something Then something Listen to the air in my lungs, see the nightmare in my lungs Then try to crawl back to the place that it's from I started cracking Phillies down the middle Lecturing my homies like, “Them cigarettes will kill you” And if irony is dead then I been living in its coffin Hypocrisy alive and coughing, I’m never getting off em I’ma smoke until I can't no more As long as I can use my hands they’ll be opening a pack of Ports Regardless of the taxes for Caught up in the mix between my mother's death and this I'm not a shrink but I meet issues where they is I got abandonment issues that I deal with by me abandoning issues And if I'm handling flames ain't nobody’s handing me tissues I tried to keep it under 4, it's like, embarrassing Came in here for Newport shorts, but I would leave with anything
I view myself as quite the Sorry, save it, shit be getting lit and darken everything Found a subroutine and submarined the very air he drink Walking up a scary thing To go to sleep’s a coal mine and canary thing The in between at best has been embarrassing My ‘later dog’ it lists to the left and it lacks conviction If I said this ain't goodbye I wouldn't buy it a minute I been had I recognized our past, it means as much to me as you, my dude But there's been yous before and there will be more after too With the exception of a very few I throw the deuce I'm out before you even you knew my hand had moved Texts returned, broke in two Leave a message? I delete the message, don't even check it It's almost impressive how much I ain't invested So, my knowledge to go, don't watch it alone But if you alone, watch it, shit gets outta control I brought a big smile, and the plans for to be ironing folds But I'm a wind chime In a sandstorm In a pile of clothes I’m less thorough than all over the map, but trying get over that And trying get over without you knowing that I ain't been sober through much of most of that Seen me around? Appear in a cloud That's gone before you figured me out Up rock, get billy bitched, and the dew drops, and that’s beta shit And if it wasn't for y'all meddling kids, I woulda gotten away with it Woulda gotten away with it I mighta gotten away with it ... I probably wouldn't have ever gotten away with it I built a House made for sticks and stopped by it a rock... I built a House made for sticks and stopped by it a rock... I built a House made for sticks and stopped by it a rock... I've kicked more people in the head than I have made a friend I never learned to make amends or known a fence to mend Or even heard a rumour ‘bout one maybe that had did Some point soon I'll have to wonder if them shits even exist My been here before said not one's impressed My kick in the door it said hold in your breath Before I double tap dance across a pocket check and then pepper your step Or pour salt in the wounds Or take a head off a neck I don't take tests, I break a pencil and jet I'd rather leave em scratching heads than at all unimpressed I’d love to lose the rep, but I ain't never knew no undue stress Take a step, fuck a rest, I feel on top under duress Maybe that there’s something that we should sat and talked about Woulda told you everything I did was well outside the out of bounds But I’m ‘bout it now, and nose is clean, if just a tad powdered down I spell recovery with covered the entire sound I tried to tell the world I needed help by Doing things alone that kept myself high And practicing the way I say I felt fine Take a truth, add a past tense, and make a something that was out of a something that is Now ain't, nothing that's up, that's why I'm off in the wind You me what's up, you ain't asking me shit Catch the same palm I threw at you then My bag got packed, I ain't thought of you since Heard your name, heard me say he a bitch Up rock, get billy bitched, and the dew drops, and that’s beta shit And if it wasn't for y'all meddling kids, I woulda gotten away with it Woulda gotten away with it I mighta gotten away with it ... I probably wouldn't have ever gotten away with it I built a House made for sticks and stopped by it a rock... I built a House made for sticks and stopped by it a rock... I built a House made for sticks and stopped by it a rock... So I'm back up on my solo shit Don't never pay my bills on time just so I get the notices To feel like someone notices In mirror world I don't exist I rowed a boat in piss and docked that shit where they don't like the looks of out of towner jibs Trying get up out of your feelings when your feelings is odd Is like trying get up out the bathroom when you're in the garage Inside a good spirit, but appear as a slob And keep whiskey in the closet like the pastor it’s pops I just sit down, write words, and there be the bop Apparently it's poppin, it's apparent you not Yo my dude, don't get it skewed it, ‘fore your carriage get stopped My arrogance carried me everywhere, your air’ll get popped It’s an over eager smile on top the realest ever screw face A chairlift in the summer in the realest ever footrace You ain't on my level, and my level ain't that great So how's it feel to be the guy behind in last place? I'm a liar built of fire, if you lie in that shade, you gon' burn before you find it's that way
... I keeps my goals unsteady That don't affect nothing in the low light setting, all alone But if I light this bowl that might get me in the zone And if I split this pill like the 2nd episode ... You’re such a low life Teddy I keep a shook still but a stoge light steady In the cold, been known to light a stove pipe petty There’s not enough room for my own typesetting Let alone, distracted in a way you couldn’t track if in the snow On another plane, afraid all my landing gear’s broke Man appear cold like can of beer Overhead got underway, no chandelier My get up and go done got up and went They bloodied my nose, i'm proud as a bitch 10/10, woke up in bed, I’d do it again I keep a bottle in the freezer and a boot in the fridge Rap Ebinezer Scrooge, I used to be a decent dude Life gave me lemons, I made people move I couldn’t tell though, used to walk along a haunted hallway on my elbows I stood her up, strung her along and called her cello What the deal, could you tell that wasn’t real I showed him to his room, fed that elephant a meal I grew up in a dark mood, I know the way it feels You know, the devil that you know I know scared I guess i'm lucky I ain't never had a neighbor Bought my own sugar, recorded louder later Occam's razor, Plato caver, major paydirt Pop off, i'm in your face like nay-ner nay-ner I be the same sarcastic asshole from the blackest black hole And in fact I act overly crass I crack open a flask and slash colon a past I don't remember right until I’m four deep in the glass And yo, it seems so Trying to get my sit down self to heave ho And that's tougher than it looks, but look, it could be tougher In the end we're all churned butter Fuck your grandmother Cool, the fever don't stop Lock that fucker in his room until he leak his own plot I spent the summer in a tomb, I’ll spend the winter in a box Every loser gets a view, every winner get mop All my friends steady, ‘Aye teddy, yo should chill You keep your face looking that way you gon get killed’ I’m that lame in the back lane with that front row feel I’m sorry if I fuck up again, you know I will I’m pretty smart dude, this whole thing’s phoney I won the war by staying home clothes folding And twiddling thumbs, Mr Stick In The Mud Gave all his shits out and buried his fucks
I’m tired of this fucking beat, but I guess I gotta get this wrote Mr Noose When Given Just An Inch Of Rope They acting like they didn’t know, I’m acting like I never learned a thing I never bothered much with that, I couldn’t breathe Neat We ain't keep in touch although it all ain’t what it seems Drunkest me, your uncle T, I’m clawing at the seams Crawling through the window. got a broad I brought with me I’m here to drink and reference older memes Okay Caught between a tale of redemption, and abandon my friendships I moved away to think up a ending The coolest dude to ever depression I bring the illness, cats be like, “That’s ill shit and very impressive” I know it My sole opponent, my own emotions In a moment, all insults are true and compliments are bogus Put to vote, you bring the garbage bars and hauled in halitosis I brought this here: paper plates and sodas Better make your quota Paper plates and sodas You can’t be disappointing if you ain’t been being noticed Watch my left hand while my right is busy writing something bogus I over promise nothing and bring paper plates and sodas Got upset, got involved The goal this year to think of something nice to say or not at all And maybe hit the gym Eighty six the fifth, hades fit to spin Spun the leaf, spun off benzedrex, you never get the spins You sommamabitches, I’m getting bent with some of my bitches I’m superstitious, throwing salt on ladders and kittens Back in the district, out in the open, walk like Addikt and incense Cool and calm I handle business, like Atticus Finch is It’s not about the follow through When every question’s met with, “Who you talking to?” My attitude is horrible, it’s terrible It’s practically unbearable, but the parables I tell is incomparable Big fish eat little fish, rattlesnakes, fiddlesticks Knees are bad, couldn’t make the pilgrimage Bigger age but little bitch Bitter pill to take, I called her sugar tits I’m logged in on her boyfriend Hulu as I sit and kill this shit
Mike Brown: My nurse treatin 'rona But I'm dangerous, I'm still gonna bone her I put my faith in it, the greatest dick will never get older Gotta spend it while you got it, catch me at the Cottage Geekin on some, "Hey bro who got it" I gotta weigh all my options, I ain't a player or prophet I put it down but they ain't ever got it I been around, used to playin' the hobbit I been around like a slug in a glock I been around like how you huggin the block Like your girl's mouth sucking a ... You could watch, I put the shit down holy Genes infallible the wine on my Lees Shit is Christ like da vine on her knees A 45 like a vinyl CD, was never violent, what you trying to be? You could find out with me You got the hive mind, you dying to bee Something I could do with trying the least Teddy: As I’m writing these bars, a cop's running my name He asked me why I'm out here walking around, it's so late I told him that I'm out for a walk because I'm out for a walk How many reasons could I have for a walk And so with no 29 on the number 2 male I told him, “Hoe there's plenty time we can shoot if it's fair” Furthermore that I haven't even scrapped in over a year And that the last time I did I wound up clear sleep on my rear And frankly you look like that you could take me I'm fairly outta shape, I assume that you been training 30 cigarettes a day, I been drinking since the 80s I'm belligerent at best, you’d probably beat me like a baby So how bout we throw them hands yo, I don't care if lose I just hate a fucking police asking why I been rude I give you all the attitude that I can conjure and more Cause I was walking down the street and you asked me what for Well I'm a drug dealing car thief wanted for war Big fish from a big ocean, I just just washed up ashore I'm Pablo-esco-unibomb-Osama dejour And you detective sharpest knife in the drawer So pin a badge on Holmes here, he solving the case Of the man guilty of taking him a stroll at a leisurely pace They gon' hang your photo up in frame, throw parades All your colleagues will slow clap, an increase in your pay A Columbo that ain't actually smart One more thing’s are followed by a, “Nevermind, I forgot where I parked” So, like I told you I ain't got ID It’s spelled F as in Frank a-L-I-E
With where we’ve all been at of late I think it's safe to say we all could use an extra nap today Panic kinda creeping in So everybody’s sleeping in We can reconvene tomorrow afternoon and by the weekend, We’ll be straight I've always been a fan of sleeping late I've always been the man at being great I've always been a canopy of pain Not understanding that my only job’s the rain Some things are only built to file complaints So I'm walking with my homie, I said, “Gus, these assholes think they know me...” Know what he then told me? Nothing, he’s a dog, but I was thinking about it closely Realizing all a mess has been my whole stee So it’s just another Saturday Couple stores open, keep your dads away Our president got half a brain He shits his pants, comes on out for accolades And half my graduating class claps away Sometimes I wish I wasn't here on this earth Sometimes my dog tries to play with deer and his feelings get hurt That’s all the same gear No matter what I do I'll still be fighting how I feel And Gus will always scare away the deer What the hell is up now, I'm stuck now? Ain't had a cigarette since uptown, I shoulda took the bus down I try to be discreet but my whole shit is no composure See me coughing in the street, I'm just smoking, it's not the ‘rona We decided the whole world’s going home, I been at home, son Call me when the last of the drink stores’s doors shut I’ve been around a block or two, just never seen so many empty Usually there's broads that's like, “Oh hey, it's Teddy” Usually there's bars and people sit inside them Usually it's hard to do, but people trying Back when masks were metaphors for hide behind-in So holler at your boy, but keep it stealth CDC says keep it six feet in-between us, I say twelve Clean your room and try to cook up something something for yourself I learned to turn the oven on today myself, I'm feeling swell


Teddy Faley is the kind of disgruntled rapper that hated everything before it was cool and keeps it honest with a quicker wit than your favorite uncle. His sincerity is almost intimidating; it's rare to hear a musician who doesn't lean on a derived character or hide behind a superhero name. On his new album, Teddy Brown Brown, he showcases his casually nihilistic sense of humor through storytelling, recollections, and candid observations. His effortless charm pervades through even the most morose song topics, cushioning the pain of his mother’s death with a humorous take on cigarette adoration, for example. While fitting into his general aesthetic, this record has its own flavor; it's more straightforward, less mired in metaphor, than his previous work without sacrificing the intricate writing and emotional depth that his audience expects.

Unlike his prior releases, two other musicians share most of the album's production on Teddy Brown Brown. Tom Delay Beats, whose addictive loops are augmented by divergent drum sequencing, crisp mixing, and selective use of synthesizers, lends his signature sound on half of the record's tracks. ALXNDRBRWN, a producer from the southside of Baltimore City with releases on Strange Famous Records, provides Teddy Faley with beats that are felt in the soul while helping Delay shape the gritty landscape for Teddy Brown Brown. Both producers, whose surnames are coincidentally Brown, provide Teddy with the ideal landscape to express himself now that he's matured beyond the angst of a young adult and blossomed into a full-grown, bitter man.


released January 28, 2022

Lyrics written by Teddy Faley
Additional lyrics on track 9 by Mike Brown
Cuts on track 7 by DJ Addikt
Track 1 produced by SideFX Studios
Tracks 2, 6, 7, 8, & 9 produced by Tom Delay Beats
Tracks 3, 4, 5, & 10 produced by ALXNDRBRWN
Mixed by ALXNDRBRWN & Teddy Faley
Mastered by C$Burns @ COSMIC BLACK, Portland, ME


all rights reserved




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