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Germs 02:35
Lt Headtrip: there’s a category a uneradicated plague with a panic in it's wake that's coming to your town. local pandemic gone radical. a strain that only meant to entertain but won't slow down. the chemicals spraid that left your pet without its legs are a chaser to a pathogen that travels through the ground and genitals and facial expressions and your eggs and the tastebuds of the safe lookin' lame you lungin' out. yeah, it punctures earbuds. get back into the crowd. yeah, i hear that weird buzz. i'm not doing sound. did i hurt your ears love? sorry it’s so loud but maybe you should hit the lab and make a cure to what i've found. the slip and slide civil suit waiting with a plantain peel planted perfect in your house. the impenetrable plaintiff. you're a tall glass of water at a bald af slaughter session. make us proud. Googie: Whooooo Child, Look who's on deck  Missa Missa Afro Metronome RECK Know Imma BomB Dogs as soon as i’m on Flex  You Can call it flatline imma call it Collect  OH YES! Vapor Rub chest Bald Afro little barbed wire trip is tiein up ya asshole  and keep feeding you and feeding you and feeding you  The Man is more poisonous the Method is remedial  Open up ya Pineal Gland Momma Look its the Meteor Man  Here to decimate you deviant dans  you feelin skeevy than scram we on to everything  Karma Kids strapped to the table you better settle in Take flight with a feather pen  I guess the bird flu way too close to the weatherman  Worm stew for the elegant  Pigeon Au jus  to the peasents getting thin  LET EM BINGE!!!!!!!!! Hook: feed the worm i need the germs (sicker than an infant with multiple complications.) Lt Headtrip: your unsanitary santa had a rash upon his  lap and all the happy little scraglers were ecstatic when they sat, but they contracted the cancerous form of nasty in the ass. batteries not included. you can't bring it back. it spread amongst their teachers and the janitorial staff via poorly handled apples and the lavatory pass. now it's a sickness the entire planet has and all i really want for christmas is a biohazard mask. Googie: What a gas I just laugh as the world continues burnin The only thing left churnin is vile and the vermin determine your next move or deteriorate  eerie as lake great as pyramid fate  wait for the expedition  Ya mummified in ya mummys eyes how u feel about them other guys What a surprise! despised in the hive of your bredgren thats dead kin dull on the wax let the messinge  Its SPICY SWEEEET!!!!!!
Bedlam 02:06
Balderdash Bowls a cash Yo the bowl is cashed Roll the grass  Chokin as the Smokers laugh Colon Blast SuperNova Cas  Wit a Golden Staff Most would add  We Splittin Foes in 1/2 DUECES! YOU KNOW THE MATH BEDLAM!!!!!!! ANYBODY STEPPIN IN MY PATH  FEEL THE WRATH OF THE HIROSHIMA BLAST AMERICA!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!! SEXXX DUCK TALES! WOOOoooooh!!!!!!! TAKE A SHIT UP ON YA LAWN AND THEN THROW IT ON YOUTUBE  I GOT THESE RAPPERS HANGING ON TA EVERY WORD SPLASH!!!!! HEAVY TURD!!!!!!!! SCORE 4 ON THE 7 CALL IT THE GETTYSBURG I GOT EM DRINKIN IN THE STINKIN LINCOLN  THINKIN THAT IM BOUT TO LINK EM BUT WE PREPPIN FOR EXTINCTION  THIS IS BEDLAM Hook: mushroom clouds, cities desolate break all rules, set presidents illegal breaches in large measurements bow down to the excellence. follow like the testaments karma kids schemin’ on a war path flamethrowers, rocket launchers and all that one word we standin’ at your door mat. stomp and make the floor crack. it’s the bald af Lt Headtrip: cocky fucks. lock key. knuckles. head hung. watch, don't touch. the whole nest flown. it’s not bed time yet. bodily rest prompts distress and i detest sexual tension. (get ya meds on!) ever see the setting sun burnt and feel intrepid 'til the last star turns into a fighter less a weapon? venom in the main line. regiment of pained minds heavy in the day time sweatin out the nectar. this is bedlam. why find asylum in the mess when you dead? wrong steppin' on the your tenuous impressions. (you gotta press "on”.) depressed often? chems calm and men draw strength from their pain with their flesh gone. that being said I'd like to fend off the argument that darkness is dependable. you're smarter than your shadows. arm yourself with a metal detector and lead bread crumbs and hope that you forget where you went from. we've sent us out to bedlam.
Bad Hair Day 03:11
Lt Headtrip: i'm a brontosaurus with the bronchitis smoking bongs like it's healthy while i cough fire. i'm an obsolete commodore 64 priced too high with no software and a hot virus. watchin' pixelated porn on my palm pilot all excited, tryin' to get my dick off before my mom strides in and cuts the lights on and finds me in a compromising position. i took tips from vince vaughn in the wrong psycho. cryogenic cardio. vile gut. knuckle luggin' primate on a primal hunt. all you trans fat rappers gettin’ lyposucked, recitin’  recycled verses like you bible thump. y’all ain’t lie enough. digitizing tribal drums for sugar coated rhymes and such. get your pie hole stuffed. so lots of luck with them high school sluts that think you shai lebueof or some shit. you some sideshow crusty motherfucks. Hook: is there a barber in the house? you kids need a trim. somethin' gnarly on ya scalp. is that some gossip in ya mouth? shit, it's all here-say. you're having a bad hair day. is there a barber in the house? you chitlins need a snippin. somethin' gnarly on ya scalp. is that some gossip in ya mouth? fair play. perpetual bad hair day. Googie: Welcome to the barbershop Where there’s always sumn to talk about  And if you dont got money than you can walk it out  Primo nuttin off the top Sampson no Delilah  The heavyweight champion of survivor I backstroke in lava and geyser outta quicksand yet everybody seems to be surprised that im a Knicks fan Jeff Van Gundy an Oakley wit precision in gametime decisions UhUh  You want nunna this division  Listen im tryna teach fission to a pigeon  Do yaself a favor grab the sheers and start snippin  But make sure to clean up all the clippings  Dont you look different  Still kinds shitty here let me fix it Barber witout a licence  Driver or motorcyclist  But put me on the flight list  Imma bout to roast this ficus  Hi Kids! You want hair like mineses? Well too bad du-rag meet ya new dads
Googie: Bald Af Back to Back like Alex and Pat SaJack then im spinnin on em I got the Hyper-Locked vision formin I wouldnt miss a target Even if im flying through a blizzard stormin  And you gon need a miracle homes  I Pai Mei in the lyrical form Bow down to the Shiefu  I’ll Whoop that ass wit a peashoot  Hunned dolla check spent it all at Key Foods  Im Tryna eat who feed you? Big Bada Boom  Than I Break Thats LiLou  Ya dig it  Jive turkeys catch a Dolemite Pimp Slap Bringin home the Bacon then we headed to the rib shack  But stay away from where the pigs at  Now thats irony like gettin revenge back ya dig that  Small feather with the thin hat  Slow strut and she grin back  I LOVE IT! YUP! BaldAfro Daddy know we got swing like 76 caddys  Old Fashioned's spliffs brews and beef pattys  Karma Kids be the Family  No it Cant be  The fire breathing flame spitters  thatll never let the fame twist us  whats ya name misses  Leave dat Lame mister  know we ain playin witcha  dont let the game twist ya  Now get to slayin Trippa Trippa Lt Headtrip: marb reds and rolling rocks and old socks. carpet beds and bowling balls at domes of cops. grody moccasins or steel-toed docs. scarred chests and no rest, it's still gon' pop off. the topical ointment is for the heel with bubble on the implausibly boisterous boy concealed in a humble body. the audible noise is only a seal for what's under and when the monster is revealed you gon' feel yo gods sob don't frown on the team. i got the head lieutenant thing down to a t. guy did a double round found him a g. i e :  he left with his enemy's green. we bounced to the grounds Where samurai be with the mic. patrolling through the somber and obscene . a web, spun, lyin' in the arm of a tree. and nasa got a eye on the scene with all them satellites. aight bald afro daddy. wakin’ up, chuffin' on a half smoked fatty. in the back row, clappin' at your wack show, chuggaluggin' mad old fashioneds so rap hole’s happy. in ya mom's bathrobe, laughin' at ya ass flow. dappin' up ya mans though. snaggin' a  sarcasmo fan if they cash flow's handy. (band fund!) we the last known banchees in this bitch.
Lt Headtrip: harm another passerby you promised an afterlife with some magic a license and a shallow preacher. it'd make me happy sacrifice my lavish rights and have the police called when i disembowel each o’ ya. or keep these loud ass speakers cracklin’, blastin’ havoc on you homebodies. nobody's secrets go unknown . it's the african overgrown and the white alopecia. googie, teach ‘em. Googie: Na imma let the beast at em cuz hes famished  So he’s salivatin at the sound of em freestylin  He eats talent what you think he bout to do with these novices Make a stew wit ya cartilage leave a clue by anonymus  Guess who its the Karma Kids through and through  We the nautilus Yea its gettin monotonous how we rockin this rocketship Trip is locked in the cockpit wit the oculus rift  and im just wildin at the turret wit a Jawn and a Spliff  Hook: you gettin’ hungry? we’ll think of somethin’. dinner’s comin’. liver and onions. Lt Headtrip (and Duncecap): (extra sex parts! see god and doubt it! free ball in work clothes and freak out the outfit!) embellish the rumors hate institutions intuitively cuz i'm jealous their of consumers that ten percent with gratuity. Googie: Callin em out we in the service industry  food is up to par but work on ur deliveries get a basket case the bastards place without mistakes sit back  and wait and blaze a half an eighth while he grabs the bait  Lt Headtrip: snatched! the snacks are great but masking tape’s the aftertaste. relax. you'll be packaged safely inside a live arachnid cage and launched off to banana’s place with priority shipping. don't aggravate the tarantulas. they tend to poison their victims. Googie: Symptoms cant describe em but all i know is thaat you’re half alive While ill be rockin thousands out on Randalls Island  What a scandal smiling  Give me an answer darlin  Makin a splash a double backflipp that cannonball in 
Googie: Shame on ya Gettin twotimed Two times  Already lost my Headtrip I think we need some new rhymes always wanna rock a set yet stay away from blue lines  one hands the Jameson otha cheeks the Moonshine Roamin through these new times in Times New Roman  Conscribe true omens defying any sign you holdin  Describe a blind fool poet who lacks the motive to notice  All ada vultures flyin ova see  They dont know the nose is clean  Keen to a fooshnika bootlicka  hate the blueprint but wanna be the new Jigga Poo sniffa chug on some urine got no love for the mornin  My new rap name is Young son of a Mormon  When im jawnin wit a prostitute and i gotta drop a deuce Ill make her clap for me so i know she didnt swap my loot  Ha! head straight couple screws lose  This is Sumn you ain used to  Me and Trip is like tuna fish and couscous  Swear to God this is Sumn you ain Used to  Lt Headtrip: old fashioned with some motts in a rocks glass or shoppin' on a budget so we coppin' the off brand. rippin' on the kid that lost his cock to a shop vac. he rubs the nub with concubines gobblin' the ball sack. shock rap nasty from the cynical bald half. the whimsical tall black accomplice is all laughs. strong bad emails on the digital pod cast while i mange a little fodder sammy already gnawed at. at long last a duo irrefutably conquers every musical conquest ever, with pleasure. the camelot court jester, analog foil method, nanobots entering your auditory center. it's as common an endeavor as a sonnet of chemicals that's injected in your ventricles to compliment the measures only you and your best friend detect with a stethoscope pressed to your dome Just to let you know.  head straight, couple screws loose. this is sumpin’ you ain’t used to. me and googie like o.j. and fruit loops. swear to god this is sumpin’ you ain’t used to.
Sexxx Duck 02:29
Googie: SexxxDUCK YESSA  Screamin out LETS FUCK  Bust a nut in the back of ya dad’s Benz truck  would you believe it we made it here wit 10 bucks hence us you cant stand the stench huh  Lt Headtrip: steppin’ up in some mesh, nut huggin’, leather, flesh colored shorts. tyrannosaurus rex hung. dino dick trip with the red, enormous pendulum. you are getting wet. Googie:  Lemme interject (Watsup?) Come get some Sexxxduck ready for ya try to sneak up from behind he already saw ya make you soil ya knickerbockers hope you hid ya wallets trip is in the crowd and he's picking pockets  Lt Headtrip: got it! i ain’t a chef but i can keep you fed, hun. get stuffed, get seconds, go to bed love. you got a big week ahead of ya and next month, you might get lucky and be the duckling that i let cum. Hook: sexxx duck (X8) sexxx the duck up (X2) Lt Headtrip: (you guys are messed up.) yup. now take your meds, slut. i’ll need you good and drunk if imma get my pecker up. your best bets a “yes”. Googie: Cunt! Livin in a tent hut  so if you gotta hedge fund go and lend some Lt Headtrip aw yeah. i’m livin’ off these bread crumbs. i could use some fresh buns. butter up and spread ‘em. Googie: Shove it up ya rectum chugalugging jenkim  Gruff Dumplings where the fuck is Web son? Lt Headtrip: He’s crawlin’ through a vent duct with a handheld cam, collecting plenty of smutty evidence to blackmail the man. Googie: Rat tails and Ham  Fuckin white people Sexxxduck quackin quite evil Lt Headtrip: ugly, tight, see-through jeans with the left butt cheek peekin’ out for a bit of the friendly touch. Come in the tub  Rubbadubb dubbing in some fresh suds Lt Headtrip: payin’ rent sucks. (yup.) fuck breast pumps. sexxx duck (Hook)
Mangos 02:53
Googie: Hook: I dont give a fuck  Till i die imma live it up hit em up hit em hit em up what MANGOS  Give it up till i die imma live it uo hit em up  hit em hit em up what MANGOS  Rep.3x You cant tell me that I ain the man  Send sparks of enlightenment when you shake my hand i pound the beat break it down to quarters, eigths and grams  Bag it up and let it off just to make a grand  Entrance Praise LAWDA Jeruseleum the newest one  Big shoutout to Mathuzela  The Great Googla Moogla Keep it movin bruh Little Asparagus Baby Arugula  Maybe the future but ill stay for the lesson  History is reciprocal guess the past is the present  I had to travel on my question when will Babylon accept em  I ain fratin i wont let them put the paddle on my rectum What you rapppers all forgettin is the path that led to nowhere  Can’t tell you much about it but im pretty sure its cold there  Yea Blaze a doobie whille I take a dookie Ayyybody talkin like what kinda name is Googie? (Hook) You betta Wash yo ass Dudes Stinkin when im walkin past Rotten trash hop in a bath is that a lot to ask I gosta laugh  Raps hilarious full of characters that act precarious  FOOSHNIKIN various Ben Hur Since chariots wit metal spikes Gods hand roll the devils dice In the land of men and mice  You choose trap for food snap always loved apple juice  So mind ya fuckin attitude  Another black rapper dude like that shits new  The catholic Jew damn right i practice two there’s salt water in this catfish stew bat shit too  WHO THE FUCK WAS ASKING YOU  I GOT ENUFF ON MY MIND AS IS  THINKIN THESE THE LAST YEARS so dont get too close or get choked on some Dylaan Shit  Headspins windmills nigga krylon tips APPP ERRRY Get ya rhyme on……. Bitch  Mangos 
Lt Headtrip: i'm happy to find a shattered design abandoned. i'd rather redefine every facet. patchwork. patterns. that'll be fine. matter collides at random. and your master wouldn't mind if you vanished. just ask him. blasted often. hyper space. ultrasound high gravity. hold me down. hull's punctured now. round to the cockpit. with a vulcan tryna talk it out. logic doesn't launch you off the shuttle, buddy. it's blood sweat and occupational composites. mind your station and your comments. find complacency in profits you'll be mailing to your beloveds at the onset of trouble. nobody made you get on this project. i copped web's next  collection of songs in a prophetic set of existential rhetoric calms. gettin' inthralled, i attempted to remember it all, but when I returned to it the entry was gone. (sorry trip.) we find pleasure in dissolving all evidence that lead to the qualms we get especially regretful at. repression is god, right? at the end of it all we in it for the off nights and the fall. don't forget about the karma. often wrong isle's callin' for me. stars and bar fights. or more likely out back bars shows in a chron cyph. shotgunni’n naddy lights and whatever with the effertz. i like the odd types. The rest can get they head hurt. domewrecker's ghost chill, see you at the luncheon. lieutenant headtrip, bitch. i made your mouth function or wait patiently instead. still. i made you wet your bed. that’s straight into your head.
Hook: they just bomb dogs (X11) Warren S. Britt: I’m like ARF ARF where my dogs at? Kickin’ with bitches and they sniffin’ near my ball sack. Samurai Banana Scratch his fleas off on the door mat. Bomb dogs hittin’ all the kittens with a warm blast. (BALD AFFFFF) I smell danger. Lead chips for Headtrip the strange neighbor. So fetch how they catchin’ the contact. Bombs are bein’ dropped by the villains in all black. Fresh. I guess me and Googie. Obvious assailants. Chewin’ snacks with Scoobie. Can’t hock a loogie so I chase the cat. And straight lick the pussy with a baseball bat. Nick nack paddy wack give a dog a bone, ‘cause I’m sippin’ from your dish and I’m shittin’ on your lawn. Plus I’m pissin’ off your girl and I’m humpin’ on your mom. ‘Cause I’m the bomb, dog. (Hook) Googie: Greyhound quarter pup Penn Station  Me and my friend chasin  hopin that them canines  dont get a fresh nasal a’dat bubba kush basil  Chill son they just bomb dogs  Awwww shit you pissed Warren off  Now hes salivatin thats pavlov this Black and White Call it Karl Malone and John STOCKTON  Hurt Locker where the Bomb dogs? Lt Headtrip: wreck the coast shit. leave manhattan bobbin' in the ocean. we up on paper cookin' some soap and we bout to unleash so increase the voltage.red rocket on course free shipping. put me on a list I pen pal kaczynski. let's blow this city and get an island with gruff sorry y'all. my day was ruff. (Hook) Hype Wonder: Smell the bomb, get a bone.
Rage 03:14
Lt Headtrip: i wanna tag along to the amazon and see how many plastic trees breathe where the gravel's sprawled. i wanna have a dawn that isn't captured on a sea of social media feeds that think the magic's gone. and once have it all, i'll manufacture an atom bomb that can't resolve a conflict cuz it's a blast full of happy thoughts. while the bald af waits for that fat bitch's song, patient, daggers drawn. Googie: If I see the chick than imma poke her face  Book lift the sleeves yea thats where I hold the ace  Run ya chips Run the Jewels  Killer on Mikes and Lps  You stop BaldAf when hell freeze It’ll neva happen ya cleva rappin bout ya metal clappin and chedda stackin probly would be better actin  Now thats ya forte  You could do that all day  One man shows off broadway ya Thespian Lt Headtrip: the meat locker frequenter. beat boxin' sequencer. bee keeper with his penis covered in sweetener. cheap shot takin' rotten processed feed facin' ingrate, grinnin' back at  his dinner plate Googie: We hyperventilate begin to shake humanity  Life gave me lemons ill make lemonade and plant a tree Im jumpin off the cliff to demonstrate my sanity Chilling as a phantom in my villa out in amity Lt Headtrip: oh you mad at me? I handle beef happily with gloves off after gettin' all incest with the family. shovin' test strips up health inspectors anal cavities. keepin' this city sickly really drains ya man’s batteries. Googie: Ebony and Ivory Prepare to meet demise you see  That every time you lose ya head we introduce the finders fee the time ain free and neither is the consultation Milton and Bradley buzzin off the operation Lt Headtrip: piñata toddlers. baby shakin' incentives. fittin' my excalibur into the lady of the lake's entrance. we get medieval til they middle aged and pregnant. headtrip spread it so it must be an epidemic, right? Googie: Wait for the seventh night like you a slave to the reverends bible  pay for the hellish spiteful ways past the time that you can be saved thats yard work im thinkin two to the grave execution style  haven't you ever heard of a crew this wild al/buterol chaser to the chain smoke. (deuce my down.) turn a duddhist child into stupid loud, rude-mouthed fool. we got these self-proclaimed pros tryna google sound  Googie: Boos from the crowd what the fuck yall listen to most of yall probly cosign it if it isnt true Bald Af got you whistlin a different tune  Cock fights in the chicken coup 
Ploblems 02:15
Lt. Headtrip jack of all tracheotic damages. cancer stick habit havin' masochist. saxophone amateur practicing after hours wakin' up the neighbors with some candles lit. laughin' 'bout it loudly while i glance around the the towns in the surrounding areas that have cameras in. contract pathogens. react panic stricken and amputate half a limb. i'm never gonna dance again! i stash an extra vag up in the glove compartment so when I'm traveling i relax in the love department. put shark skin condoms on the market with a karma kids brand along the shaft so you can fuck about it. and if you want the rowdy rowdy then you found it. don't be disgusted if you come to mounted. (bald afro. all natural.) you can thank eleven for the sound bit. Hook: i got ploblems Googie: This Panther meat aint as tender as i thought it'd be  Don't even gotta see it you could feel it audibly  ought be the God of the Garden yea y'all should honor me  coming at the karma c'mon that’s common comedy  Wobbledy Wobbeldy drop drop it like philosophy  Class Butch Husky coaching ya girls soccer team  I could see the future son its like grim for ya  Reaper or the Sower get ya hemmed up lower  Mecca Don RAWa steady lettin the hair grow  Trip play the game while he sport his new air fro  karma be the kids who the fuck you here fo  show you how to make an egg roll PUSH IT!!!! Left my horse in el segundo lets hoof it  Read the situation lick the corner then I book it  looking for the deal im just searching for the liberry Paper don't grow on trees WHAT ARE YOU BLIND HARRY? Oh yea i forgot you only see in binary  you can x y the line varies on the contrary my cherie amor  head to new dehli to tour get drunk and marry a Whorrible  woman who mistreats me cant cook and beats me  don't work home all day to watch tv  believe g that'll be the third time this year shit yeah  I guess I gotta quit beer I GOT PLOBLEMS!!!!!!
Lt Headtrip: without remorse or results, we assault minds. torn between the force and the fault. vault cracked. (bald af ready for combat.) fix your posture. welcome to the cult. Googie: Bolt locked to the robots in a cold box  Fruit punch for the know-nots no knots hold the toxins riddin in ya brain throbbin veins constant pain  Now bring pride to the Karma name  Ill meet you on the other side where they know the grass is greener  yet everybody is colorblind still i never had a funner time  yellow colored limelight  its all in front of you in hind sight Lt Headtrip: you stuck in the dungeon, tonguin’ the dark lord’s ball hair. we up in the jungle runnin’ on cardboard hardware. we blunted with monkeys in vietnam war armchairs. i’ve never been to the congo, but i’m pretty sure you’ll starve there. pardon my stare, i’ve never seen a ghost before. let alone in the dairy section of my local grocery store. we can help you find the holy whore inside you if you like the smell of chloroform and wanna take a ride, boo. Googie: Close ya eyes luv let it guide you  there’s not a chance of waking up if you tried to  why’s the sky blue where’s the common answer  what’s the situation whose to blame and how’s it handled you just died luv they'll never find you  there’s not a chance of waking up if you tried to  why are eyes bue what’s the common answer  where’s the situation whose to blame and how’s it handled Lt Headtrip: weak leader, deplete. still shittin’ on the deacons. deep thinker, seated, binge drinkin’ for reason. just for the weekend. touched by his teachings. frequent pubs to recruit his legions. googles deceive him. please, googie can we keep him? (NO!) that’s all he needs then. inebriated sailor off the deep end. (safety net!) you can meticulously hack the witnesses into tiny pieces, but you can’t keep secrets from your demons. Googie: Even Steven  Knew the season would be leaving  autumn fallen down orange brown  paint for a starving mouth  You need to carve it out  and make a funny face seed it up tell me how the money taste sunny days but a sip away when your leaving don't forget to pay at least leave a different name keep ya tracks covered  it sounds better when you dub it  the kids all love sick but every Molly does it  Lt Headtrip: yeah, that’s a pack a day. yeah that’s a six pack. yeah, that’s a fractured plate and you don’t know how to fix that. don’t let me get into your liquor stash. i’d tear my scripture in half for a drink right now. (let me have the bottle, trip.) give it back! Googie: Similac and 2 chains  show you how to do thangs  just copped the fresh oven come and see my new Range  Few things runnin through my mind lately  same reasons that ya mom hate me Lt Headtrip: come on, baby. i screwed fangs into the spots where i talk daily. been chewin’ veins outta my cheeks when i mange. Googie: Tasty let it drizzle on the pastries  cake seems appropriate  k speeds and opiates  main reas for dopiness  Lt Headtrip: anal beads for rosaries. duane reade with phony scripts. Googie: saline the holy drip stay clean for most of it  Lt Headtrip: face feed for loneliness. Googie: take three and close ya lips  Lt Headtrip: swallow all of it Googie: PAY FEES AND WORSHIP BITCH!


BALD AFRO is the debut project of underground MC’s Lt Headtrip and Googie, both members of the Queens live wire rap group, Karma Kids. They’ve been blowing up venues across the city for years with their signature punk-inspired performances, opening for the likes of Milo, Open Mike Eagle, Kool Keith, and MC Paul Barman. Now, Trip and Googie have struck out on their own for this collaboration, which highlights their unorthodox chemistry. Trip’s loudmouthed aggression, born from a Def Jux dystopian nightmare, is smoothed out by Googie’s laid-back storytelling. The record features production from Samurai Banana, A.M. Breakups, Headtrip, guest verses from Reservoir Sound's Warren Britt and Hype Wonder, and cameo appearances from the extended Karma Kids/Reservoir family. Throughout their hard-earned bars, Googie and Headtrip still manage keep a humorous strain, mocking underground rap while paying tribute to the tradition.

Presented in conjunction with Reservoir Sound.


released October 27, 2015

Recorded in Karmastoria, New York City
Mixed and Executive Produced by A.M. Breakups
Mastered by NASA at Nasa Labs


all rights reserved




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